Drift Of Snow

by Lyrics Logic and Lullabies

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released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Lyrics Logic and Lullabies Florida

Lyrics, Logic, and Lullabies are delivered from baby boomer singer songwriter Ed Verner. In the voice of an author, these story telling songs move first in verse and soon grow to feel more like chapters in a book. Verner’s music often centers on a journey of fixing the broken or finding the lost. Lyrics, Logic, and Lullabies present contemporary younger songs from a salty renaissance man. ... more

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Track Name: Hourglass
There’s a flavor on my tongue
Of the long thin line of smoke
Blowing away
And the telephone has done
All it can to bridge this run
You’re runnin’ away
So I call it a day

The sun it falls in
The pond of sand
That’s in my hand

Would you believe it if I said
How I knew this day would come
Just didn’t know when
But I’m proud I banged my head
Against the wall of things between
What might have been
Now we are what might have been

The sun it falls in
The pond of sand
That stands between us now

The hourglass is the same
It’s we that change
Swirling down and down
We go ‘round and ‘round
And I’m upside down
As you fly ‘round town
And I run aground
And we all go down

If you want to find me now
After all this sand fell down
And it took this ship down
And if you want another round
Flip the hourglass
Track Name: You
You see the world
With eyes so clear
Beauty before me unfurled
And I wish that I was near

And I believe in all
The things you see
For what it means you’ll see
That I can only see

You tell me to go and you say
That I believe too much in you
Well nothing you say or do
Could make my heart believe that’s

And now that I’ve been gone
There’s a sun that shines anew
But something is missing
From my life and I know that it is
Track Name: Little Squaw
All your life little squaw
You never heard ‘goodbye’
And all the loves in your past
You never had to try
And all the days in the sun
You never wondered why
But I care

Yesterday in your eyes
You know I see it there
And leeward sails face the skies
You know I see you there
And if you tried or not little squaw
You know I still could care
And I care

All the men who came by
They never saw inside
They never heard you confide
Your beauty’s just a ride
Well I’m not gonna be satisfied
‘Til your heart’s laid open wide
To my care
Track Name: Gentle Shovel
I feel my gentle shovel pry
Deep down in the trenches wet
Where blood flowed once - you cried
The wound’s not healed over yet

And my hands they reach around
And pull you back in
I’ll always treasure what I’ve found
I knew it’s precious way back then

And my digging makes me stronger
And more gentle than ever before
I’ll go on a little longer
I will dig for gold here ever more

My gentle shovel is deep inside
I slowly probe the private gold
Of the secrets you won’t confide
Save for one who fills your soul

Now I know why miners work alone
In places secret known just to one
But even with this pain I’ll know
I’d do again what I have done

My gentle shovel digs up pain
And I uncover your sin
We will wash away the stain
There’ll be no more pain here again

A happy soul wind fouls the rigging
My gentle shovel’s edge will fade with time
A filled soul needs no more digging
So long to the lovely game we played goodbye

I’ll go back home and settle down
Where gentle shovels are not broken
‘n taken down in this dark town
Where love is felt and never spoken

And my digging makes me lonely and sad
Peel away the pain on this 6th floor
I won’t regret the gold I’ve had
I’ll wait here for you ever more
Track Name: Come To My Island
You always were the one
The one who cried
You said you’d give it all
I guess you lied
You always envied
The girls who left their homes
To follow their true love
Now who’s alone?

So come to my island
Where we can be alone
We will last forever
Forever we’ll sail on

You always said
I was a dream
But you have changed
Or so it seems
‘Cause just when I want
You to see
Don’t you know I’m asking you
To come and live with me

So come to my island
Where we can be alone
We will last forever
Forever we’ll sail on
Track Name: Give to me Tonight
Spare me
Your apologies
Come with me now
I know it’s right

Give to me
Your heart
I want our heart
All of your heart

Give to me
The days
We’ve wasted
Along the line
Of time

Give to me
Your soul…
Track Name: Drift of Snow
You are so soft
I have no answer for you
You are a drift of snow

I can’t play for you
I have no easy way out
You are a drift of snow

When you kissed me today
I felt the pain of years just blow away
You are a drift of snow

This is the song no one can hear
I have but one way now I can go
No one can ever know
Track Name: Half of my Heart
You ask me
To put in words for you
What did I see
When you broke through
Into my world
Where no one else cares to go

And I knew
Before I could’ve known
The parts of you
That are alone
I’ll cherish them all
Where no one else cares to go

You wonder why
And how I can see
All that you hide
Is precious to me
It lives in my heart
Where no one else cares to go anymore

I’m living with half of my heart
The best has not happened yet
I’m living with half of my heart
You had the other half before we met

Way back when
Before you knew my name
I knew even then
I’d never be the same
You’ve touched my soul
Where no one else cares to go

And I believe
That you know the truth
Inside of me
Is the rest of you
All left undone
Where no one else cares to go anymore

I’m living with half of my heart
I’m hoping that you’ll understand
I’m living with half of my heart
The other half is in your hand