The Long Cold Winter

by Lyrics Logic and Lullabies

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Saying goodbye is itself a long cold winter


I can feel the Fall is fading
And the chill night stretches long
While we’re apart it freezes my heart
And I can’t fix it with song
This time as I swallow in
And draw inside my familiar shell
I’m not so bold and I feel so old
And I wish for you - you never fell

I can feel the long cold Winter
It is slowly coming back in
And I’m too tired to build a fire
I don’t know if I can hold out again

Winter comes and I close back up
It’s not safe to have you see me
Your teary eyes from the layer of our lies
Makes me want to set you free


I thought that we were passed this point
I’d let go of this terrible fear
The Courvoisier I saved for this day
Helps me hide from you all my tears
It’s so hard to say goodbye
To something I still love so much
To let it go even though I still know
I’ll always long for your touch

I can feel the long cold Winter
I won’t fight it off this time
I will not try, but please know that I
Was happy once when you were mine

And even harder for me still
Is my making it easy for you
To let you down without a sound
To trick you to be glad it is through


I’ve hunkered down and snow is falling
I can no longer feel your hands
But the memory stays the rest of my days
No matter that no one understands

I can feel the long cold Winter
I pray I’m strong enough to find
That I can let go of you - Hang on to this truth
In my heart you will always be mine


released June 23, 2016



all rights reserved


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